Monday, April 24, 2017

New Sunglasses Trial Run

For the first time in my life when I went to get glasses recently I got a two for one deal and my second set I chose sunglasses. I have never had prescription sunglasses before so I was not quite sure what to expect. Being visually challenged it is always a pain in the arse to run with just regular glasses in the sun and those clip on sunglasses never seem to sit right.

I went for my run this afternoon and it was marvelous. Why didn't I get prescription sunglasses years ago. Not only did they stay on my face the entire time but I didn't get squintie eyed at all with the sun shining on my face.

My run other than that was pretty good since I have been trying to get back into it. For the longest time things were just going sideways but now they seem to be back on track. We moved to Maple Ridge recently and I haven't seen my Garmin at all. I'm suspecting it may have gotten lost in the move so at this point I am using my phone with Mapmyrun on it.

RAN 2.17 KM ON 2017-04-24


Did you get in a run today? Do you have prescription sunglasses and if so do you find they work better than the clip ons?