Friday, April 28, 2017

Friday Morning Hard Run

Compared to the last few day of running today was the hardest. I'm not sure what was off today but it felt like this was my first time running in a hundred years.

I got it done but it wasn't without effort and I am happy I still did it.  Maybe it was dinner last time coming back to bit me. Katie made an awesome dinner but boy was it sure hot. I don't know what it was but it involved red curry paste and it did taste good.

I did try doing a yoga video at home yesterday and it turned out to be a big fail. I felt like I was doing fairly well but my monster dog decided he would help me during downward dog by coming up underneath my body and licking my face.

All in all though I think this week has gone fairly well in regards to exercise. Have you ever wanted to blame what you ate last night for a rough run?

Ran 2.15 km on 2017-04-28
Ran 2.15 km on 2017-04-28

2.15 km