Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Groove Is Coming Back

Today was my second run and I am happy to say that my foot still does not hurt. After Wednesday's run I felt a twinge here and there but nothing really to speak on.

I decided on 5k before I even left the house but I did decide to do something a little different today. I haven't since I started running again tried running with music. It is something that I have been thinking on lately to see if it what difference it would make to my running.

What I found out is that I actually was able to run farther before taking a walk break because I was tuning out with the tunes. I wasn't focused on how hard I was breathing (cuz I couldn't here it) and I didn't think about it if my legs were tired or if there was any aches and pains. All in all I felt pretty good and I am going to load up my MP3 player with even more songs so that when I do these runs that I am not listening to the same song multiple times.

What are some good songs to listen to while running?