Wednesday, August 12, 2015

First Venture Back Into Running

So as you can tell from the lack of posts I have not been really running in a while. My foot has been hurting for a while now and it started quite suddenly. Actually it didn't even hurt while running just all of a sudden my foot hurt. I think hurt is too nice a word for it though. To properly describe how it felt was like my flesh was being torn from my bones in the outside of my left foot.

So I babied it for a week or so and it still didn't seem to get any better so Darcy made me go to get it checked out. X-rays showed nothing so they set me up to get a bone scan. It has been 2 weeks since the bone scan. I had only run once in the last 2 weeks and within hours the pain was full force. I still haven't heard from anyone regarding the scan so I assume at this point NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS.

I haven't felt any pain in my foot and there has been alot going on in my personal life in the last week. I was at my breaking point so tonight I laced up and headed out. Scaled back and did 1:1's for 2 miles. Felt like I was struggling to breath right the entire time but other than that I felt pretty good. Crossing my fingers now that the pain doesn't come back and bite me.

Did you get out for a run today?