Friday, July 10, 2015

Shooting In Port Hardy By Poilice. WHY?

Normally I only use this blog to talk about my running and my running dreams. However, in Port Hardy a couple of days ago the police shot and killed a man who was waving around a knife. The reason this hit so close to home is I grew up in Port Hardy. The man who was killed was the stepson of someone I knew and went to school with.

I am still stunned that such a thing would happen in such a small town like Port Hardy. I have lived in Surrey for many years and there have been numerous police shootings here but given the amount of people and some of the goings on it is almost understandable. But Port Hardy the population is barely more than 4,000.

To me there are just to many questions surrounding this shooting. Why did the police not use other force to try and take him down. He at this point had not stabbed or cut anyone but must have obviously been distraught about something. No tasers or bean bag guns or mace were used. The police jumped straight to lethal force. Why?

It was a knife he was carrying for crying out loud and the police are given other methods with how to deal with this type of situation. As far I am concerned the police should only be using force with someone at the same level. Not saying that they should be carrying knives as well but since when does a knife equal the same type of force as a loaded gun.

There was only the one man but two officers. So in other words two against one and they couldn't manage to contain him and arrest him. I didn't know the man personally but it seems to me that the officers should have contained him and questioned him to see what was going wrong. I also wonder might there have been mental illness at play as what family members and friends are saying is that this was totally out of character for this young man. Maybe this was the first round of mental illness showing as many mental illnesses show up in the late teens and early 20's. But we shall never know what was going on or why he was so worked up.

My heart and thoughts go out to the family and friends of this man.

As I am writing this my mind is blurring with questions. Why does it seem more and more that the police are using lethal force in dealing with the public? It makes me even more concerned with Darcy going out into public with his epilepsy as he can start to act very strange and get out of sorts. If he had a seizure and was agitated would the police just shoot him and ask questions of me and my family after they kill him. It is very concerning. 

Maybe we need to go back to the way they used to do things in Britain where the only officers that have guns are the supervisors. Maybe the officers should only have quick access to billie clubs, tasers and mace. I don't know the answers and I don't think there are any quick solutions. I just believe that something needs to change in our society.