Sunday, July 5, 2015

First Run Post Half Marathon

I took this last week off from running to let myself recover and to let me feet not hurt for at least a few days. Not to mention it has been super hot outside and unless I want to be running in the middle of the night it was just best if I didn't.

Here in Metro Vancouver we are not used to this type of heat. Normally we only get a few days of this per summer but we are now up to a few weeks of this and no end in sight. Worse than that the unusually dry weather has made it perfect for wildfires to start and get out of control. So much so that when I got up this morning the sky was dingy and the sun looked pink.

After it started to clear a bit and I was more awake I decided I would head out for a run. I was only planning for 2 miles just to test my legs and feet to see if I had recovered enough. Great news is that my legs and feet felt great. The bad news is that breathing was difficult. It felt like I was breathing in heavy air. It is just too humid and the air quality is really not that good even at 830 in the morning.

I managed to get it done though so that I am happy about. Now to relax and try not to melt for the rest of the day.

Do you find it harder to breath when the air quality is low especially due to wildfires and a little wind blowing in smoke from the fires?

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