Monday, June 22, 2015

The Craziness Of Life

I have not posted in the last couple of weeks as there has been a zillion things going. Some good and some pretty bad. I feel like I have been dragged and pulled in eighteen different directions and somehow my body is still in tact although; the mind not as much.

So it started off with on June 12 we went to Stanfest. We do every year and this year was awesome Darcy even had a slot time and played a few songs.

I recorded the song I knew I Would as he wrote the song for me in the previous week and it was part of my anniversary present as on June 14 it was going to be our 18th anniversary.

On Saturday the 13 of June we went to Relay for Life. It was a fun experience and I signed up to do the Half Marathon challenge, After several laps though I determined that I could not count on my Garmin as it does not appear to be accurate inside. Both Darcy and I finished the Half Marathon challenge but I am not sure what the time on it was as there are so many things to try out and do there we had stopped several times (cotton candy & popcorn) in among other things.

June 14th was our anniversary and needless to say after such a busy weekend we did not do much but it was an enjoyable day and the rest was much needed. I was especially grateful for that day of rest when the rest of my week happened.

My mom has not been feeling well and she went to the doctors on and got a requisition for blood work. She went in on Tuesday and the numbers really looked bad so after some coaxing I was able to get her to go to the hospital. The signed her in and kept her until Friday. In among running from work to the hospital and home and everything Darcy started having lots of seizures and by Friday it was a total gong show and kept going throughout the weekend. So needless to say I did not get a run in during the week which probably added to how out of control I felt about everything.

Sunday morning I got up and felt a strong desire to get out there and run. I wasn't sure how it was going to go as I had not run in a week but I needed the therapy. Once I got out there I felt great and ran faster than I normally do. I don't know if it was the rest time from running during the week after the half marathon challenge from the weekend before or if it was me just trying to burn off the stress but I got it done and felt great.

Now that things are settling down a bit here's looking forward to a good week with a couple of short runs before the ScotiaBank Half Marathon next Sunday.

Have you ever had a week that was just so crazy you were not able to get a run in?