Sunday, June 7, 2015

11 Miles At Mud Bay Trails

It was scheduled to be super warm today as Environment Canada saying we are starting to have a heat wave.As planned Darcy was going with me so we got up a 5am to have a coffee before heading out the door. It was already sunny and getting warmer at 6am.

The first couple of miles where are little tough but then my body seemed to remember how to breath and run somewhat more coordinated like so that it didn't feel like to much of a struggle. Darcy was himself this morning so it was also easier to relax and have a good time with him. We had quite a few chuckles along the way.

This Giraffe head is along the trail. I am not quite sure what it is doing there but it looks pretty cool. By about 4.5 miles I really had to go pee and I knew we were coming up to the Boundary Bay Air Park so I was hoping they might have a washroom that I could use.

Lucky for me they did. A deluxe one at that. It was spacious and even had hand sanitiser in it. At that point we only had 2 more miles to go before we had to turn around to head back. The little break was welcoming.

My feet didn't really start to ache until we were between miles 9-10. At that point the same mantra from last week went dancing through my head until it seemed like the pain stopped.All in all I can say after I had a cool bath and a nap I feel pretty darned good about today. Looking forward to next weeks long run 12 miles inside as it is the Relay For Life next Saturday.

Did you see anything weird on your run today?