Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Wednesday Night Sunny Run

I would have run yesterday but the threats of thunder and lightning kind of put a damper on that idea. Even worse while I was still a work it started hail hard and didn't stop for almost half an hour. It is like the weather just could not make up it's mind as to what it wanted to do.

While on the way home yesterday I was pondering still going out as by then it was nice and sunny but by the time I was almost home these really dark hideous clouds started looming so I figured it would be better to run today instead of tempting fate and with my luck getting hit by lightning.

Happily today has been a beautiful sunny day after the morning clouds wore off of course. So right after I got home I cooked dinner up and then got ready to head out the door. It felt good to be out there tonight. Just me and my thoughts although I can't remember much of what I was thinking while I was running. Looking forward to Friday's run. Not so worried about the weather as they claim it is going to be sunny for the rest of the week. Fingers crossed and tongue in cheek of course.

Do you remember much of what you thought about while running (or does it slip the mind as soon as your done)?