Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wednesday Night Exhausted Run

Today I started work at 6am which means I was up and moving by 4:45am to get heading out the door. I was already tired but Tia waking me up and 3:20am didn't help for a good nights sleep. I was bent and determined though to get out for my run tonight. So before dinner I conned Darcy into heading out the door with me.

The clouds look like there are going to open up and pour down but it held out while we ran. It felt good running with Darcy as I haven't been able to do that very often over the last couple of years. I know I have mentioned several times that he has a medical condition but I haven't stated what out of respect for him as he was very embarrassed by it. Darcy has finally gotten to a place mentally where the embarrassment is no longer really there and he even started a blog of his own.

For those of you who don't know me personally Darcy has Epilepsy. Not the Grand Mal kind but he has drop seizures, complex partial and partial seizures. It has been a very long hard road for him mentally in regards to this as it has affected his life in every fashion. I am very happy that he has come to a place of acceptance with this condition and has started running again although not without supervision in one form or another. As I stated he started his own blog about this experience. If your interested in his story please stop by his blog.

Did you get out for a run today?