Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thursday Night Deer Lake Park

So I went to Deer Lake Park to run again after work just like Tuesday. I am happy to report that I did not get lost on the trails this time.

It was a good but busy day at work so it was nice to get out and just unwind by myself on the trails before heading home. I ended up having to use my Mapmyrun app on my phone as somehow I had managed to forget my watch this morning while I was packing up for work. It's funny because I actually remember reminding myself to pack my watch but apparently the thought did not stick.

I am happy though I got my run in and made it home just as Katie was finishing cooking dinner. She has been such a great help lately with cooking dinners when I work til 5 and it takes some of the load off so that I can get stuff done (running). She is such an awesome daughter.

Now to relax and have a shower to get less sweaty. Definitely looking forward to Sunday's long run.

Do you have a teenager that helps out around the house so you can get your runs in?