Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sunday Not Fast Run

Even though there has been some changes in our house this weekend Tony and I still headed out for our run this morning.

My legs were a little tight this morning but I think that may be just because I was walking around a whole lot yesterday. Even went to the Dollarama with my mom and she was tickled pink with the orange spinny thing she purchased. We joked that it was for her second childhood.

So Tony and I got out there and at first there wasn't a whole lot of people but by the time we were on the last 2 miles we were seeing people almost every minute. So I was glad that we finished when we did so that it was totally to busy.

Off parts of the trails the tide was so low that it looked like you could walk almost a mile out  before you hit the water. 

It took us 1 hour and 51 minutes but happy to report have done my fastest mile to date with 12:59 not super fast I know but that is almost 2 minutes off of my normal speed. So I am getting faster although, Tony is claiming it is because my shoes are lighter. We picked up some well deserved donuts and coffee on the way home and now I feel ready to have a nap.

After a long run do you like coffee and donuts? How about a nap?