Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Short Run Turned Longer (Oooppps)

I took my running stuff to work with me today as I was planning on running at Deer Lake Park after work. It was going to be my way of killing 2 birds at one so to speak. I could get my run in before I got home and ate and miss out on the heaviest of traffic all at the same time.

So before I left work I got changed into my running clothes and drove to Deer Lake Park. I was planning on doing my typical 2 to 2.5 run so I was feeling really confident once I started out. After a little bit though that changed. I got myself lost on the trails.

So after ending up going 3.51 miles I finally made it back to my car and got to go home. One even more plus to the matter it was a beautiful easy drive home as traffic was almost done.

Have you ever gotten lost on a trail run?