Sunday, May 17, 2015

Mud Bay Trail Sunday Run (The Death Of Tony's Knee)

As planned Tony showed up this morning for our weekly run at Mud Bay Park. The plan was to go either 9 miles or 8 depending on how we felt once we got out that far on the trails. Darcy was supposed to come for the run as well but he had a toothache last night when we went to bed and when he woke up this morning the side of his face was swollen.

Needless to say that while Tony and I headed out Darcy was calling the dentist on his emergency line.  It was a good run and I was in a pretty good grove until I almost rolled my ankle and must have pulled something a little bit because I know have a bit of pain in my thigh. Hopefully some RICE will help that so I can run on Tuesday. 

I am not hurting as badly as Tony though. He has been fighting his right knee hurting a bit but today's run really broke him as he hasn't run in almost 2 weeks. Now both of his knee's are killing him and let me tell you it must seriously hurt as he is even threatening to see a doctor or something.  Anyone who knows guys knows that most of the time they don't seek medical attention until they are almost dying of pain. Either that or I just know a whole lot of boneheads.

Anyhow I hope that his knee's are better by next weekend or I might only have a running partner for only about half the run unless Darcy's face gets better then I might have a running partner for my whole run.

Did you get out for a run today? Have you almost hurt yourself but ended up making a different muscle hurt instead?