Sunday, May 24, 2015

Mud Bay Kind Of By Myself Run

We headed out as planned today to run at Mud Bay Trails. Darcy was even feeling good enough to come out to run as well. Tony showed up to get us and off we went.

It has been a really stressful couple of days as Friday saw me leaving work to go to the hospital as my mom was taken to emerg. Everything is going to be ok but as usual Darcy has now been falling apart the last couple of days. I was hoping that we would get the run in within anything happening. 

After mile 1 we lost Tony as his knee is still hurting so he opted to head back to the car and wait for us. Then we were 2. By mile 3 Darcy had a small seizure so he waited at 3.1 mile mark for me as I went to go on to 4.5 miles before turning around to head back. He didn't want to head back without me and there was a safe place for him to sit and wait and we both had our phones so it was safer for him to wait than to try and push on.

On my back picked Darcy back up at the same spot I left him sitting. He was doing quite a bit better by then. By mile 7 it started to feel like I had daggers being rammed up into the bottom of my feet but I still kept pushing on. I do kind of feel a little badly though because I did bite Darcy's head off. To my defense though he was the one who when we were 1.5 miles away from being done said "We are almost there" to which I snapped at him " Don't say that until you can see Tony's car" I  do feel a little badly for that but seriously it was like pure torture as my feet were killing me.

We got it completed though not the 9 miles I was after but after the last couple of days I am really glad I had it in me to go out at all.

Have you ever snapped at someone while running? Did you feel badly about it?