Monday, May 11, 2015

Monday Night Get Back To It Run

I took a few days off just because timing wasn't really working out for me. Okay I will be totally honest I have just felt like a sloth for the last few days. I had planned on doing a long run yesterday but seeing as it was Mother's Day and Katie got up bright and early to serve me bacon and chocolate chip pancakes I knew it just wasn't going to happen. I have learned from previous experience that running with heavy stuff in my gut just does not work for me. I REALLY did like those pancakes though.

I used to have a Timex GPS watch but owning it for a year and the strap broke gave me a good excuse to go out and get a new watch. I have been hearing and reading lots of good things on Garmin and Best Buy was having a sale on Garmin Forerunner 10's so I grabbed the opportunity and bought one. I am sure glad I did as it is way easier to work than the Timex. The numbers on the screen are bigger and it works for the run/walk way easier than with the Timex GPS watch.

I am really glad I decided to get out there tonight as I started to notice my patience slipping and my mood souring. Tonight I even got Darcy to head out there with me even though he has a messed up toe. 

Do you find you starting getting grouchy if you don't get a run in for a few days?