Sunday, May 31, 2015

10 Miles At Mud Bay And I'm Still Alive

The plan for this morning was for 10 miles as I am building up for the Scotiabank Half Marathon on June 28, 2015. Even by 9:30 when we headed out on the trails it was already getting really warm. During the first couple of miles I had the normal aches and pains here and there but then as I got loosened up I felt pretty good.

It started out with Tony, Darcy and myself. In less than 1 mile we lost Tony. His knee is still buggy him pretty bad and he is still threatening to go see a doctor but hasn't yet. 

After when it was just Darcy and me I was worrying a bit that 10 miles might be to much for him especially given last weekend and his having a seizure at mile 3. I was pleasantly surprised though the he didn't and stayed with me during my entire run. One of the reasons that I was surprised also is because he is a much faster runner than i am and can go forever whereas I need walk breaks.

I tried something new on the run when it got to be too difficult like at mile 8. My body was tired and my feet and legs were starting to hurt. I have been doing lots of reading about ultra runners and how they deal with the pain. Some of them talk about embracing or accepting the pain and keep moving. Somehow I ended up chanting in my head "Embrace the pain" over and over again and it worked I didn't hurt as bad as I thought I originally was. 

Looking forward now to a nice warm bath and a nap for the rest of my Sunday.

Do you have a mantra for when your body hurts during running?