Sunday, April 19, 2015

Vancouver Sun Run 2015

Today was the Vancouver Sun Run 2015 and as I said in a earlier post my goal was to do better this year than I did last year which was 1:39. I am very happy to report that I accomplished my goal by almost 15 minutes.

OFFICIAL TIME01:25:20.08:31/km10 km01:25:20.02471811973112811:39:13

I am thrilled that I beat my time by last year and it shows to me that I am going in the right direction with my training. I know it is not the fastest but I got it done and had a great time doing it. I thought my feet might get tired by the time we got to the start line as it was a wave start.

This probably could have been a better picture but I suck at hold cameras for selfies. Tony said he would do it with me and true to his statement he stayed with me all the way. Truthfully I think he is becoming a runner as he recently went out and bought running shoes that he just wears for running. He will never admit it though.

It was a beautiful sunny warm day for the 10k this morning and it was a lot of fun. There was a lot of bands along the course and of course there is the usual good signs along the route. I would have taken lots of pictures but as yet I am just not coordinated enough to take pictures and run at the same time (something I am going to work on).

I have also been tinkering with the idea of trying out compression socks but have not been able to convince myself to spend 30+ dollars on a pair if I didn't know they would work for me. Luckily my mom had a pair of Tommy Copper compression socks that she lent me to try out. I must say they did the trick and I found them quite comfortable to wear and run in. So I will now bite the bullet to get a pair or 2 for myself. Thanks Mom.

All in all it was an even better experience this year than last and now my goal for the next Sun Run is to beat my time from this year. All I have to do is keep working at it. Also, some new shoes might be in order and the ones I have are starting to get a little worn.

I got a chance to meet up with a coworker from work who also did the Sun Run today. She also did it way faster than me. Way to go Cally. You rocked it. I think this might be the best selfie sort I have ever taken with her. 

Needless to say after stopping by a Tim Hortons for a quick snack before heading home by the time we got home I was dying to have a nap. So that is exactly what I did. Now I am up and feeling pretty good. Next goal is to start training for a half marathon. I am thinking about the Scotia Bank Half Marathon in June. HEHE poor Tony I really feel for him since he decided he would be my running buddy. 

Did you run a race today? How did you do? Do you wear compression socks?  If so what kind?