Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tuesday Night Treadmill (Trying To Avoid The Trap)

After coming home from work today even though it was beautiful outside I just couldn't gather up the oommfff to get out the door so I hit the treadmill instead.

It always seems to be busier at work after a long weekend so I felt like I was hit by a truck by the time I made it home. But I still managed to convince myself to get on the treadmill and get it done.

I guess mentally I was just looking for any excuse not to run but I argued and won. I am internally afraid that if I slough off one run it will just be to easy to slough off others and then before you know it, you haven't run in 2 or 3 weeks. So I am doing my best to avoid that trap.

I know feel good knowing that I got my run in and didn't fall into the temptation trap of relaxing for the evening and not running. Now to relax before bed and an early day tomorrow.

What do you tell yourself in order to avoid falling into the trap of not running?