Sunday, April 5, 2015

Mud Bay Trails Sunday Run

I will start this post with an apology. I am sorry Tony for dragging you out this morning for a 10k run.

I need to give Tony credit though because he doesn't normally run and he lasted the entire time (probably because I am really slow and take walk breaks when needed). It was an absolute beautiful morning for a run. The sun was shining with a nice breeze coming off of the water.

The was quite a few people out on the trails and I think we said good morning to at least a couple dozen people. Of course we did have to stop so that Tony could tie his shoes because he doesn't double knot them.

It was fun to head out and it didn't feel that long til we were done. I can actually say it was a fun run. Hopefully when we do the Sun Run in a couple of weeks it will be just as fun. We stopped at a bench for a couple of minutes just for the view which was spectacular.

 Looking forward to another 10k next Sunday. Then onto the Vancouver Sun Run on the 19th. 

Did you get out any trails today? Was it beautifully sunny or rainy?