Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday Runday Treadmill Run

As you may have notice I decided to change the name of my blog. More for personal motivation and also so that I won't feel the need to whine and complain on the page regarding personal challenges that don't involve running. I felt I needed to create something separate from the rest of my life whether it be work or home life.

The reason for calling it Christina Slowly Running On is because I keep running and trying but I don't think I would ever be what someone considers fast, unless you are standing still while I am running then you could call me fast HA HA.

I know this feeling it is when you are feeling great and feeling like you are running gracefully but I am positive that that is now how I looked. I probably looking like an injured hippo trying to lope along. It is all good though whether I look amazing while running or like I am going to fall on my face at the first misstep at least I am trying.

So from now on I am going to focus on this being a running page and I am planning on running and blogging about it a lot more often. I have been running over the past few weeks while I haven't been posting but I think I was just trying to figure things out and deciding what I was going to do about this blog. It just seemed a waste to just stop and I really do enjoy running so I will focus on what makes me feel good and eventually make me look good do (fingers crossed).

Have you ever decided to do a restart on a blog?