Sunday, March 29, 2015

Really Rainy Treadmill Run

So with a rainfall warning out for metro Vancouver and all of the water I see when I look outside, it is definitely a treadmill running day. I would have tried to brave it and go outside but I need to feel my best for tonight as Katie and I are going to see a Marilyn Manson concert at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre.

I felt pretty good today while I ran and was able to complete 5 miles and still feel pretty good. Not much was on the television so I ended up throwing a DVD on to watch while I ran.  Now I just need to have a good snack and maybe a nap before I get ready for the concert tonight.

Next Sunday I plan to do 10k as the Vancouver Sun Run is on the 19th of April and I want to have a better time than last year. So far it is looking like that is going to be totally doable  

Did you get to run outside today or did you need to hit the treadmill?