Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tuesday Night Treadmill YAY

I am not necessarily saying YAY in regards to the treadmill but about what I was able to accomplish tonight on the treadmill.

After Sunday's beautiful run I was almost dreading getting on the treadmill tonight but decided I need to get it done for myself mentally. Since last weeks breakdown I feel more in control and less likely to fall apart about things going on in my personal life. 

So I decided to get it done before dinner and man am I glad I did. I decided I was going to slow up the pace just a little and focus on going for longer. I was going to just run til I couldn't then do a minute of running. I am thrilled to say I went for 13 minutes without taking a walk break. That is like the first time in what feels like forever since I could do that. All this training must be starting to pay off.

Do you ever surprise yourself on a run?