Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday Morning Treadmill Run

Even though it is not raining outside I decided that I needed to do my run on the treadmill. The excuse one of my favorite shows Homicide Hunter with Lt. Kendra was one. I love the way he talks as he is full of one liners just like Jerry Orbach used to have on Law & Order.

So for the first half hour I was able to do 4:1's quite easily and still felt good but was starting to tire.,So for the last half hour I did 2:1's so that I wasn't pushing myself to hard.

I finished feeling good but very sweaty. It felt great to just kind of zone out and run while watching my show. It also made it so that I wasn't concentrating to hard on the time that was passing. Plus, I needed to burn off the calories from yesterday's yummy waffle meal that I had with my mom, Katie and D. 

Do you sometime run on the treadmill so that you can watch your favorite shows?