Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sunday Treadmill Run Day

Well it has definitely been an interesting couple of days. On Friday night when I was doing my walk on the used treadmill I had bought off of craigslist. The motor started smoking combined with a god-awful smell. I quickly unplugged the treadmill and let D and T know that something was very wrong with the treadmill.

So Saturday morning while I searched for a deal on a new treadmill (brand new, like from a store) D and T decided they were going to try and see if they could fix the broken treadmill. After making the decision as to which one I was going to buy. D and T finally agreed that my current treadmill was as dead as it could get without putting a new motor in it and hoping that would fix the problem.

Truthfully I was fully expecting the duct tape to come into play but somehow we avoided the topic. I went to the Walmart later in the afternoon and after trying to get help for over half an hour I ended up out the door with a new treadmill. I got the 420 Gold's Gym treadmill. When we got home Katie set it up (yep, that's right she is smart and mechanical) so of course she got to have the maiden run on it. After dinner I did my half hour walk on it and so far I am loving it.

So it being Sunday today and with the weather having issued a winter storm warning with lots of rain mixed with snow I was even more thankful that I picked up the treadmill yesterday. So I jumped on it today and did a 5k run on it doing 2:1's.

I think I may spend some time this week playing with the different features that it says it has on the box. But I am glad I got my run in and that I didn't need to worry about the treadmill starting a fire or having or horrible smell fill the living room.

Did you get a run today? Have you ever been on the treadmill when it finally bit the dust?