Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday Run Outdoors Finally

I realize it has been a few weeks since I have posted but my life has been a little crazier than normal. Not something that I really want to talk about. I have been keeping my running up on though on the treadmill.

I think spring must be in the air as recently it has been starting to rain quite a bit but the temps are getting nicer out. So even though I was going to do a treadmill run today things that were beyond my control made it so that I had to head outdoors.

I started out to fast and I knew it when my right shin started to complain at me. So I slowed it up a bit and then it quit complaining and I ended up having what I feel was a very nice Sunday run. Thankfully it didn't rain and the sun was evening threatening to come out and say hello. So maybe I was meant to run outdoors today to remind me why I like to run.

Do you ever start off a run angry or upset and then have to slow down because some body part or other starts complaining?