Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tuesday Night = Get Sweaty Night

As it is still really cold outside and most of the ice and snow have not melted I was once again grateful to be able to run indoors. Luckily NCIS was on tv (one of my favorite shows) so I watched while I ran.

I was tempted to skip running today as I was mentally exhausted but I managed to convince my brain that even though it was tired, my body was not. So I got on the treadmill and got it done.

I didn't seem to go as far today as I did on Sunday but I did increase the time. Instead of doing 1:1's I did 1.5:1's. Not a huge increase I know but if I keep increasing comfortably I figure I will be able to keep increasing my time running against time walking or at least that seems to be the plan. 

Did you get out for a run today? Do you still convince yourself to run even though you are mentally drained?