Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sunday Morning Running On Treadmill

I did have the intention of running outside on Sunday's but am very thankful for the treadmill. Especially since it is -2 outside with a wind chill of -6. With ice everywhere from Friday nights snow. I know that I am definitely not coordinated enough to run in that.

I think I am becoming way more comfortable with the speeds on the treadmill finding myself going fast than I have been. I have been in the habit of putting the incline to 1.00 to help mimic the roads. Although to mimic the roads in this neighborhood I would probably need to set the incline to 8 with all the hills in my neighborhood.

I felt really smart getting all my laundry done last night and now that I am all sweaty it's time to shower and get some fresh clothes on and spend the rest of the day cleaning and trying to relax before this next week starts.

Do you switch to the treadmill when it's icy outside (so you don't hurt yourself through being uncoordinated)?