Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My New To Me Treadmill

With the weather getting a little frosty and also with it being dark in the mornings and early in the evenings I was starting to dread heading out to do any runs. There are a couple of reasons for this.

1) I am not that coordinated so I would probably slip and fall with any amount of frost on the ground.

2) With it getting darker earlier I worry about my safety. For those of you in the lower mainland you will know what I mean when I live in Surrey. For those that don't live in the lower mainland this might help explain why I worry.

So with this in mind D and me talked about this over the last couple of weeks. After scouring craigslist we found a good working electric treadmill for me to run on during this time of year. I will still be running outside but I think that will be mainly on Sunday's when I can run outside while it is light out.

I am really impressed and happy at how well it works. It is a little loud but just a really good excuse to turn either the music or tv up while exercising. I went for my run tonight on my new to me treadmill. I will a little slower than usual as I was messing with the speeds on it to find my sweet spot but I got 2.03 miles in so it's all good.

Next time will be faster.

Do you take to running on treadmills during the winter months? 

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