Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Back Into The Swing Of Things

Well after my pitiful attempt at a run last week I had decided to take the rest of the week off and let my legs get less tired. So today after work I decided I felt good mentally and my legs didn't feel like lead so I decided it was now or never.

D was having a pretty decent day so I convinced him to go with me. Happily to my surprise my legs felt great so I guess I have given them enough of a break. Since we turned the clocks back on Sunday it is now dark in the evenings around 4ish. So I felt a little more safe with someone running with me. I don't think it is to hard on him considering he used to be in track all through his school days so I was probably going way slower than he is used too.

So we are a couple blocks away from home and we get to an intersection and he stops. I take a quick look and figure I can so beat this truck that is coming up the road. I go to nudge D and end up shoving him as I tried to do this nudge as I was running. We get across the road and he starts going on about how I was using him as a human shield and just shoving him out in front of this truck.  We ended up laughing so hard that I was having a difficult time running straight. Keep in mind that he was in no danger of being hit by this vehicle so after we got ourselves under control from the laughter we went the last couple of blocks home.

Now that I am more tired than I was when I got home from work tonight. It's time to relax and watch some good TV before going to bed and hopefully getting a good nights sleep.

Do you find it hard to run when your laughing really hard?