Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thursday Morning Run

This week has been a little emotional for me and Tuesday night I was at my low point. I felt like everything I had done in the last few months didn't change or help anything and like nothing I did was right. So I went to bed early and unhappy.

When I woke yesterday morning things looked a lot better and I had a bonus in my email. I on a whim had entered a contest on Facebook to win free entry into the Rock 'N' Roll Half Marathon in Vancouver for the end of this month. I had been avoiding paying for the entry completely unsure if I had it in me to do it. This email nailed it for me so Katie and myself are now entered in to do the half marathon.

I do not have any time goals in mind for this. My soul aim is to finish. Thank you to the Vancouver Sun Run Series for giving me this chance. I know that I will not be fast but based on my current pace I should be able to get it done before the 4 hour cut-off. 

Today's run went fairly well and I enjoyed being out there bright and early just as the sun was coming up. There is something really peaceful about being out there getting it done while other people are either sleeping or getting ready for work. Which is what I now have to get ready for.

Happy Running
Have you ever won entry into a race? Did it give you a mental boost?