Wednesday, October 29, 2014

One Major Goal Accomplished (Vancouver Rock N Roll Half Marathon)

One of my goals for this year was to do a half marathon before I turned 37. Well I can officially cross that goal off of my list as being done.

Not the best time but I got it done. Now that I know that I can physically do a half marathon my goal over the next year to do a half marathon faster. My daughter Katie did the half marathon with me and stayed with me the entire time which is really awesome because she is a much faster runner than me.

 Katie already has me convinced to run the Scotiabank Half Marathon in June 2015. I told her for that run she can run at her speed as she is registering with a friend of hers from school. So I have 8 months to train and get ready for the half marathon. My goal will be to finish faster than I did this half marathon.

I must say though that I had an amazing time with my daughter. The bands along the route were good and everyone was super friendly. The only drawback that I really experienced was the Gatorade at some of the stations was not the best tasting. The course was great but there were plenty of small hills to tackle.

The first 15 km had me still feeling good but then it started to go downhill and not in the physical sense. I kept pushing though and even when I wanted to give up and stop Katie would tell me "it's farther to go back than it is to finish" so I kept going. By the end I ran just because it hurt less to run than it did to walk (I can't figure out the logic in that either).

I am just happy to say that I got it done and am even looking forward to doing the half marathon in June. I guess my inner crazy is starting to take over.

How was your first half marathon? Did you end up running more because it hurt less than to walk?