Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Totally Uncoordinated

I felt a little tired when I got up this morning. I think it may be because within minutes of getting up I received a call from work asking that I start and work later than I had been scheduled for (oh the joys of being casual). 

I increased my time to 2:30:1's today. I find every time I increase the amount of time running I feel like I am a newborn calf learning how to walk. I probably look quite amusing if you happened to drive by while I am talking to myself (pep talk) and trying to keep moving forward at the same time.  Truthfully I am amazed that I never end up on my face.

 But I got it done and still feel pretty good and nothing hurts so I guess that is a great start. Now to get ready for my work day at least I can say that I got my exercise done.

Do you think about what you may look like to passer-byes on your run?