Monday, September 8, 2014

Team Work & Elliptical

I think that given things that have happened my idea's of what teamwork should be might be misaligned. I always have been under the impression that teamwork and having a winning team means relying on each others strengths to get to an end goal.

People are very good at different things whether it be people skills, organization, the small details, Some people maybe better a dealing with an angry customer while others are better at dealing with the paperwork and problems that can arise from said paperwork. While on the other hand someone else on the team might be really good at things like skip tracing or tracking down really hard information to find "such as a person that does not want to be found"

I always thought that if the end goal is done by using the strengths of the team members that you would have success. Whether it be in a financial company, pharmaceutical company or a medical company you are only as strong as the team you have supporting you.

Anyways enough said on that. On a good note though I did get my half an hour on the elliptical this morning before I headed off to work.