Sunday, September 28, 2014

Run Through Sunday

I woke up glad to see that we have yet another dry day here in the Vancouver area. I was also glad that today was a 5 km run day for me since yesterday I kind of had a blow to my self esteem.

 I need to say goodbye to a certain part of myself if I am going to be able to keep going with my life. It's not something that I feel like I can fully disclose on here because it's just to personal but I had to come to determination so say goodbye to that part of myself that hurts me over and over. I don't want to hurt anymore mentally and if that means a certain part of me needs to die to accomplish that then "so be it"

It was a good cathartic run and now I feel relaxed and confident in my decision. It will serve me well in the long run (both figuratively and physically). I didn't pay alot of attention to my surroundings this morning as I was seriously in my head but I do know that it was a beautiful sunny morning run. 

Do you work through serious problems in your head while you run?