Monday, August 4, 2014

BC Day Run

I went online over the weekend so search out parks in Surrey that had running trails and found Tynehead Park. It is only about a 15 minute drive or so from home so that is where I headed today. I should have run yesterday but it just didn't work out. What a perfect day to go for a run in a BC park especially since it is BC Day here in wonderful green British Columbia.

It felt great to be out there in nature and the park/ trails are not overcrowded like Bear Creek Park.  Another plus is the trails just keep going so not once did I end up running the same piece of trail twice. It is very warm out today but I was very happy every time I went through a shady patch. Next time I think I will head out later in the day when there is likely to be more shade.

I didn't go fast but that is nothing new since I am not very fast anyways but I ran and that is what counts. Also feeling a bit stronger as I can run farther before taking a walk break than I could a few weeks ago.  

Do you feel like doing the happy dance when you find a new park with trails to run?