Thursday, July 3, 2014

Nice Cool Evening Run

It has been really warm here in the Vancouver area over the last couple of weeks. I wanted to get a run in today but decided to wait until it started to cool down a bit so that I didn't feel like dying in the heat. On top of that I was in a really good mood because I got the reservations I wanted to go to a house concert that Steve Poltz is going to be playing. 

If you have never heard of him he is an amazing singer/ songwriter and the last time I saw him play was at Rogers Arena when he was on tour with Jewel several years ago. So needless to say I am seriously looking forward to seeing him play at such an intimate setting. It is going to be awesome.

My run was good I felt good right from the start and didn't get overheated because the temps are starting to cool down for the evening. I ate a light supper as well so that I didn't feel like I had a 10 pound weight in my stomach. Marcy if you are reading this that means I did not eat perogies tonight lol. I didn't go fast (then again I never do) I just went and feel good about the run in general. Looking forward to Sunday's run I plan on doing 5k no particular speed in mind just going to get it accomplished.

Do you wait until the cool evening weather comes before heading out for your run?