Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday Night Roast Beef Run

After getting up a 5:30 am to get ready for work I was already tired. Then after eating a beautiful roast beef dinner with sweet potatoes and carrots I waited for about an hour and decided it was now or never to get my run in today. 

I really should have thought about what I had for dinner as I laced up and headed out the door. As I started to run the extra weight in my stomach was not pleasant to carry around with me and although I tasted great I was regretting my choice of dinner. As I ran I thought about this and have decided no more heavy meals on days that I am planning to run. It makes it too hard. Are there certain foods that you try to avoid before going for a run? My list is already starting to grow so far it is perogies, meatloaf, and now roast beef is being added as we speak.

I have to admit though it was a beautiful evening for a run. Not to hot and not to cool it was just nice. I love living in British Columbia because almost everywhere you turn it is green and in the spring and summer I love the smell of fresh cut grass and barbecue's cooking dinner. 

Now to relax, get cleaned up and cuddle up with Darcy to watch some t.v. and then go to bed.