Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Two Mile Tuesday Run

After a fairly uneventful day of work I came home scarfed dinner down and waited about an hour to head out for my Tuesday night run. Normally i don't usually wait an hour after eating (usually only wait half an hour) but tonight we had shepherds pie for dinner. After the perogy fiasco i decided to wait that little bit extra considering dinner was kinda heavy.

It started out a little tough but after a few minutes I started to get into my normal groove. I aimed to do at least 2 miles today. While I may be slow I got it done and that is what counts.

It was absolutely beautiful out there and by the time I was part way through my run I actually found that I am able to notice things along my run because I am not totally focused on being able to put one foot in front of the other (I guess that's progress right?). There are some really nice homes in my neighborhood and I found myself picturing what it would be like on the inside of some of them or thinking certain houses are really nice and I would like to live in one of them someday. Of course I would probably need to win the lottery first but hey it's good to have dreams right?

Did you get out and run today? Do you look at houses when you run?