Friday, May 16, 2014


I normally don't write about to much going on in my neck of the woods but what I am about to write about really has me riled.

In my opinion Pizza Factory Central City  that we have been ordering from for years has screwed one of their employees. The employee has worked for the company under new ownership approximately 3 years. Unilaterally the owner of the establishment (if you can call it that) decided he was going to try and cut his pay. When the employee said no that is not right he fired him. So he owes this employee for almost a weeks pay plus 3 weeks severance and holiday pay and he is refusing to pay the employee. Might I say that some people in this world are kings of the douche bags

It's really a heart warming thought NOT  to know that when one orders pizza from their local pizza place that they are not paying their employees. I don't know about you but I really don't want to support slave labor in Canada or well anywhere in the world. Knowing that this is going on right in the heart of Surrey, BC right down on King George Blvd. in the neighborhood in which I live that this type of thing is going on. 

It just make me sick to my stomach. So I went in their and told them how disgusted I was and that we would no longer be patronizing their establishment (again if you could call it that) and that I would be recommending to everyone on my Facebook and on my blog to not patronize their establishment as well. So please if you leave in Surrey, BC. please do not order pizza from them 10470 King George Blvd let's let people and establishment like this know that we don't tolerate employers ripping off their employees.