Monday, May 5, 2014

Moody Monday Run

It's Monday...Sigh.. What can be worst that it being Monday you ask. Well, how about having your shift at worked switched so now you are working until the bitter end of Monday. That's right I got switched to 4 pm to midnight so right now I am not the happiest camper.

So since I have been waking up on a schedule of 630 am for what feels like forever. There I was at 6:30 am with a coffee in hand. I waited til about 10 and then headed out for my run. The one thing I was thankful for is that it wasn't raining this morning so at least I got my run in while it was dry out.

It felt a little rough to start but then I kind of got into my groove and felt pretty good. Now that I am done and have had a quick nap (naps never seem long enough) I will start getting ready to go to work and will come home tomorrow. Hopefully the rest of this week I can just do the shifts that we originally assigned to me.