Saturday, May 31, 2014

Katie And Color Me Rad

Today is my rest day and Katie had signed up for the Color Me Rad run in Surrey months ago through school as her school Kwantlen Park Secondary has a running club. So we went out the door before 9 am this morning to head to the run.

That was her when we first got there before the run started so I wanted a picture of her all nice and clean like. Then it was time for her to head for the start line.

They were guesstimating that there was around 6 thousand people there for the run. I hovered near the start line to get a picture of her as she headed out for the run.

Then Tony who came with and me hung out until Katie was almost done we hovered at a spot near the finish so we could get one of her running.

At around the 30 minute mark we spotted her.She looked like she was enjoying herself and just having a good run in general.

Then Tony grabbed my camera and made a fast dash to try and get her coming through the finish chute.

She was quite colorful when she finished but she wasn't done quite yet because she wanted to take part in the Color Bomb.

After she Color Bomb she came to share with Tony even more colorful than before. I only got a little bit on me as I guess she was trying to be nice to me.

She got Tony good with the purple. As Tony was saying sometimes it is painful being the cool uncle.

I am really glad she had a good time and has really taken to running. It will be a good habit for her to carry with her into adulthood which isn't very many years away. 

Do yo have kids and if so have you tried getting them into running?