Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Hump Day Run

Yes, I so said it. Happy Hump Day everyone

Now that I seem to have somewhat normal shifts for the rest of the week I was more than ready to head out for my run tonight. I decided to do 1:1's tonight but I realized part way through that I seem to go farther between walks when I am not timing how long I run. I think I will be experimenting a bit more with that on my next few runs. 

It was a nice run this evening and it felt pretty easy considering I felt like I had a 10 pound weight in my stomach. Remind me to never eat perogies within an hour of heading out the door for a run. Other than the extra stomach weight I felt good and it was a good way to clear my head of all the going on's that happen during the day. 

Now I am ready for the rest of the week and am looking forward to celebrating Friday with a run.

Did you have a good hump day run?