Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Morning Run

I don't start work today until 2 pm so I figured I would get my run in this morning before I had to go. It is absolutely gorgeous outside with the sun being out and some big fluffy clouds floating around. 

So I laced up and went out the door. It was a really good run my lungs weren't screaming for me to stop and other than my right calf being a little tight my legs were feeling good too. I think I may do some stretching later today to make sure that my calf is nice and relaxed for my run on Sunday. I plan to do 6 k this Sunday over at Bear Creek Park on the trails. 

For the last little while I have given up on dong 1:1's and 2:1's and have just been running til I feel the need to walk a little bit and it seems to be making the world of difference. I seem to be going farther, faster before I need to walk. I'm still quite slow but I don't care as any improvement is improvement period. 

Did you get out and have a good run today?