Thursday, May 15, 2014

Evening Run Thursday

It was really warm in the lower mainland today with highs hitting 27 Celsius  which to most other countries was 80.6 degrees Fahrenheit. So I waited til after 8 pm to head out the door. It was still 21 outside but felt much cooler than the 27.  

It was a good run and I actually was in such a good place that I found myself noticing all of the beautiful things around me. The best though was as I was running up the road near this ravine in the neighborhood I saw a cute little bunny hop cross the road and actually found myself smiling. 

I came home a sweaty mess but feel great and am really looking forward to this weekends run. I plan on doing 5k at Bear Creek Park and hopefully the rain they keep threatening is going to happen doesn't. Until then I will keep my fingers crossed and hope that once again the weatherman is wrong as they so often are.

Did you get sweaty on a run today?