Monday, May 19, 2014

Drama Filled Saturday Night

So Saturday afternoon was pretty good until it hit the fan. A friend has been getting sucked into taking care of a person with a drinking problems children. He called for help and Tony went to help him out of the situation. 

She had already been seriously "getting her drink on"  when my daughter called Tony and asked him to come home. We are all aware of this woman's drinking issues and that she has a tendency to become quite aggressive when she is highly intoxicated. So he said that he and the friend needed to leave because of my daughter. So they left her house. She then (being more drunk than she needed to be) got in her car and showed up at my house where they had arrived too. Got out of her car after she parked facing the wrong way on the side of the road and proceeded to storm into my house uninvited screaming, cursing and yelling at everyone. Meanwhile my daughter is hearing all of this going on which only upset her more. 

After being asked to leave several times and her screaming at everyone in my house she finally went to the front yard. The argument then began that she better not get in her car and that we were phoning the police to report that she had been driving drunk and that she stormed into our house uninvited screaming and hollering at everyone. The police were called and she decided to storm off before they showed up. At least she didn't take her car and kill someone that evening with it.  

I truly have never been so disgusted with a persons behavior before. And because of her showing up in my house with all of her drunken drama needless to say that those who know what is going on with my husband will know what it caused which only angers me even more. My daughter used to babysit for her from time to time and one of the first things I told my daughter is that she is not allowed to babysit for her ever again. I will not have my child in that type of situation. 

I really hope this person realizes the type of damage she causes to everyone around her and decides to go and get sober at a recovery house or detox and get her life together for her sake but also for her children.