Sunday, May 18, 2014

Bear Creek Sunday Run

Thankfully the rain that the weather man kept threatening never did come to pass. So this morning after a good cup of coffee I hopped in the car and headed off to Bear Creek Park.

The goal for today was to do 5k and hopefully break the 15 minute mile barrier. So I was quite pleased when the 1st mile took only 13:25. Yes, success. The next couple of miles I ended up doing a little slower but all in all I was just enjoying it. Running when I could and taking walk breaks when I felt like I couldn't run any longer and then started running again.

It wasn't to hot or cold the temp was just perfect and it felt really good getting out there and also running the trails it is absolutely peaceful. Hearing the birds sing and all the green how could one not enjoying hitting the trails. The peaceful part was the best considering the past few days around my household have been drama filled.

So now to enjoy the rest of the long weekend. Don't have to work til Tuesday. YAY!!!

Did the weatherman lie about the weather in your neighborhood?