Monday, April 28, 2014

Vancouver Sun Run 10k Done!

I would have blogged about the Sun Run yesterday when I did it but I was a little tired and ended up napping and watching TV after we got home.

We started off the morning at about 6:30 as Katie was running the Sun Run as well but she was going with a group from her school so we had to have her at the skytrain by 7:30 to meet up with her group. While Tony drove her and her boyfriend down to the skytrain I finished getting ready to head out myself at it was a 9am start.

This was taken while she was getting ready. Her boyfriend Ashton didn't look like he was quite awake yet lol. So off we headed to downtown Vancouver for the Sun Run. When i did this a few years ago there was only about 29,000 this year it was closer to 40,000 people in the run so quite a few more bodies were shoved into the street.

They let us go in waves as per color. Katie was up in the green section as she is like her dad and has speed on her side. I was in the purple group which was two colors after green. Since they were letting people go in waves it took almost an hour for the group I was in to even get to the start line. 

Finally got past the start line.

As I said in previous posts that I was entering with no specific goal  other than to finish and I did. I ran what I could and walked what I couldn't run. The funniest past was heading up this one big hill during the run and the local radio station had signs up saying Highway To Hell and how appropriate that they were also playing Highway To Hell by AC/DC. I had to laugh because it was the worst hill on the course. Unfortunately I didn't think to grab a picture of it. :(

There was a couple of really scenic areas that made you just want to go lounge on the beach but since it is not summer yet it wouldn't have been warm enough. I finished the 10k in 1:39 not the best time I have ever done a 10k but I don't care because I finished that was my main goal. Next year I will set a goal for time. 

Now to take a couple of days and then start training for the Rock n Roll Half Marathon in October and maybe a few 5k's before that.

How did you spend your Sunday?