Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Venting Run

Today was an off day for me all day I felt on edge but was looking forward to going out to Carol's to go for a run. When I came home things just got for frustrating as Darcy is having a very off day so needless to say I was even happier to be getting out. I knew other people were at home so someone would be keeping their eyes on him kind of.

Alas, I have not turned to booze but a good run with a friend is the next best thing. So for just over an hour tonight I got to escape my frustration and had a good time and a good vent. Thanks to Carol for putting up with my round of venting. Felt really good while running not so out of breath as usual and when we were done I did feel like I could go for a bit more maybe Thursday :)

Now I am at home and am trying my best not to level my frustration grow to a high level. Wish me luck as so far I'm not doing very well. Time to go soak in a hot bath and hit the bed for some good solid sleep. Tomorrow will be a better day. Fingers crossed.