Sunday, March 23, 2014

Run With A Friend

After what seems like a million years even though it only actually been about a year I finally got it together enough to get out and see a good friend of mine. Carol seemed just as excited as I was to get together and head over to the track near her place to go for a run.

We couldn't have chosen a better day to run either it is gloriously sunny out (kinda warm) and no wind to speak of. We had a good time catching up since it has been quite a while since we have seen each other. We visited told each other our stories of the last while the entire time (which made the run just fly by). 

Even though it was a good run/visit I am already looking forward to doing it again on Tuesday as planned. It felt good to get out there and socialize again and I plan not to let the rest of my life work/Darcy impede on this much needed bonding with another human being. LOL. We will run until we are breathless but trust me I have no qualms about what I really must look like when I am giving it my all running. Thanks for going out running with me in public ha ha.

Now to finish of the laundry, maybe a bit of a nap and relax for the rest of the day.